Looking for answers to some of lives questions? Have you ever asked yourself questions like, “Is there really a God?”, “What happens to us when we die?” , “There are so many different churches, which one is the ‘real’ church?”, “If God is good, why do bad things happen?’ .There are many speculations on these various issues, but have you ever considered what the Bible has to say? If you haven’t, then here’s your chance. Amazing Discoveries and Amazing Facts are Bible-based organizations who likes to share what the Bible has to say about many of life’s questions. Their information is exciting, intriguing, captivating, interesting and absolutely FREE! We hope you enjoy…God bless!




Amazing Discoveries is an international Christian ministry committed to sharing the truth about God and His promises. Amazing Discoveries™ began as a way for us to further spread this truth.





amazingfactsAmazing Facts is a Bible-based organization whose mission is to share bible truths and share the love of Jesus with the world via media and other methods.