Work it Out!

Women today are bombarded with countless images telling us what beauty is. The message we are fed is that by nipping, tucking, lifting, extending, etcetera, we just might get a little bit closer to this ideal. So how do we counter balance this toxic message pervading the minds of beautiful women everywhere? More importantly how […]

Six (6) Ways to Get Great Skin Naturally!

Nowadays millions of people are spending hundreds of dollars on laser treatments, chemical peels, cosmetic surgeries and countless skincare products to reverse aging, overcome acne and cover-up blemishes. But getting great skin doesn’t have to be this expensive or arduous. Here are six (6) ways to get great skin naturally! 1. Water: For years we have been […]

1-2-3 Steps to Naturally Clean Skin

The saying goes, “Beauty is pain” and quite frankly (depending on your perception of how beauty can be attained) this is true. Previous studies have found that various beauty products contain chemicals that have detrimental health effects associated with them. For example, researchers have found that phthalates, a key component in plastics, have also been […]

Hedonism to Edenism: The Science of What Makes us Happy

In a results-driven society like ours, happiness is generally dismissed as secondary to the more “important” things in life like our careers, relationships and health. Work those things out and happiness will find you. In childhood we learn the song that teaches the effect of being happy and knowing it is… clapping our hands. Great. […]

The Perks of a Plant-Based Diet

Food is an integral part of every culture and imperative to life, however, our dietary choices can impact our lives for the better or for worse. Here at The Original Lifestyle, we believe that we must eat to live and not live to eat. In addition, the goal of our diet should be to improve […]

W is for Woman

Mujer. Femme. Mulher. Donna. Gyal. Woman… in what other can language can we use to describe this beautiful creature besides that she is truly a gift from God. The simplicity and sweetness of a good woman can truly bring warmth to any dismal abode. However, a woman’s world isn’t all ‘put together’ as she may […]


It looks like it will take more than just a regular serving of vegetables to stay healthy. If you are feeling stressed, the antidote is to spend time with a close friend or loved one. Friends are there for you in the good times, and in the bad. When you need a good laugh, you […]

Make Each Day Count!

Have you ever thought that life was passing you each day without mastering your basic goals? These goals could include eating well, getting enough exercise or just keeping your environment clean. Are you comfortable in your skin? How are your relationships? Do you take moments to reflect on the events of the day? Well I […]

Constipation: When letting go is hard…

Constipation, a topic that’s a little hard to talk about. Almost everyone gets constipated at some point or another in their life, and quite frankly, it’s uncomfortable, uneasy and unwanted. While the majority will flock towards the commercial laxatives and purge packs, there are much more natural ways to relieve constipation without putting your body […]

Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet: Confessions of an Ex-Flesh Consumer

A little over a year ago, I moved to the beautiful city of Edinburgh, Scotland to pursue my dream of studying human anatomy. Being in a new city and living on my own was a welcomed change for me and I couldn’t wait to experience it. My biggest concern, however, was what was I going […]

‘Dirty Dozen’ cosmetic chemicals to avoid

Some of the ingredients in beauty products aren’t that pretty. U.S. researchers report that one in eight of the 82,000 ingredients used in personal care products are industrial chemicals, including carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxins, and hormone disruptors. Many products include plasticizers (chemicals that keep concrete soft), degreasers (used to get grime off auto parts), and […]