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We provide excellent herbal facials that are made from a variety of skin-loving herbs leaving your face absolutely clean, refreshed and incredibly soft! Choose from our selection.


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What our Customers are saying...

  • I was so encouraged, when I found this service. I have recently started making some positive changes in my life, and finding these products was such a blessing. I love the way their products look and feel on my skin. My favourite is the creme brulee whipped body butter. I had lots of blackheads, and I saw a marked change with my complexion, while using these products! I just can't stop talking about these products. I have shared it with my friends and family members and even bought for them as Christmas presents last year! I anticipate what new and exciting things will pop up next, from the Original Lifestyle. Can't wait for more!
    Alexandra, Editor, Oshawa
  • I have used all kinds of different lip products for bumps on my lips and my lips would continue to get dry again and again. It wasn't until that I used the lip balms, from The Original Lifestyle, that I realized that I didn't have that issue anymore. And, I didn't even have to use it everyday, it lasted long on my lips! It kept my hands from peeling also. My hands get very dry from my work, but it kept my hands feeling very soft and moist. I loved their products and would use them again!
    Dickenson, Construction worker, Toronto
  • I battled with dry and itchy skin due to eczema for some time especially during the winter seasons but after using the 'French Vanilla Body Balm' from the Original Lifestyle, my skin was soothed almost instantly and became very soft within days! I also had some dark spots and blemishes on my face from past acne. When I used their products, my stubborn marks started to fade in the space of one week!! Had I used them longer, I knew that my marks would have completely gone away. I'm really glad I tried their products and I highly rate their service and quality of products, being 100% natural and skin-loving! They truly helped me with my skin problem and I can't wait to get more of their products!
    Angelique, Human Resources Graduate, Toronto
  • After spending hundreds of dollars on the "brand name" products, I came to the realization that their version of "natural" is not that true.I began using The Original Lifestyle's products simply because I know precisely that the ingredients being used were all natural. It has begun repairing my "winter-damaged" skin and my skin looks and feels so much healthier. These daily skin moisturizers combined with a healthy diet has made such a stark improvement in my skin texture and overall well-being. Thank you to The Original Lifestyle!
    Rachel, Communications Specialist,Toronto